About Tim Reddish – OBE Involved in the leisure industry for over 35 years. Competed at an International level for thirteen years as a blind athlete in the pool, at three Paralympic, three World Championships and five European Championships amassing a total of twenty-­‐two gold, eleven silver and ten bronze medals. Successfully converted his talents and experience in the pool to head up the British Disability Swim Squad. Using his expertise he set up a performance pathway and sports science programme mentoring a small team of staff to become a strong professional team way ahead of the other nations, that was the envy of the rest of the World and led the team as “Performance Director”, to success, in both the Athens and Beijing Paralympic Games. His passion for sport and influence in the International Arena led him also to taking on a voluntary role as the Chairman/President of the British Paralympic Association (2008-­‐current) were he was head of delegation for the Paralympic team for the London2012 and Sochi Paralympic Games. He played an active role as a member of the Board for LOCOG the Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012. He is now using his skills and expertise in leadership, senior management, team building, and strategic planning to assist companies across many sectors – from sport to health and financial services to get the best from their employees. What can offer you? Tim is an inspiration with plenty of practical experience to help any organisation -­‐ backed up with a bucket load of charisma that makes him a must for any company wanting to unlock the potential, or motivate and inspire a captive audience. Whether at a one off event, on a short-­‐ term project or by working with individuals and small teams. Tim can make a real difference to you and your organisation. Keynote/Motivational speaking Keynote speaking is just one of the many things that Tim excels in. His life story, and the many trials and challenges that he has overcome to be the successful businessman that he is today make for an inspirational and thought provoking session. He tailors his approach for individual businesses and organisations needs in order to inspire people of all levels to maximise their potential and achieve greater success. Presentations Tim’s “Achieving Excellence” presentation engages the target audience to think “outside of the box” and assist companies to motivate their staff to strive to working as a team to achieve collective goals and aspirations. Workshops Whether it’s team building, people mentoring and development, good governance, problem solving, mediation or strategic thinking. Utilizing practical sessions Tim can help you to motivate staff to achieve your company’s goals and aspirations without the use of endless power point presentations and lectures by using interactive dialogue and fun activities. Individual or group Leadership/Mentoring sessions. Everyone needs a help sometimes to think things through and rather than making rash decisions that could lead to problems later down the line. Reflective practice is a valuable tool to have. Tim analytical mind helps groups and individuals to explore ““cause and effect” which in turn helps strengthens they’re thinking and decision making skills when problem solving. View the testimonials of the companies that have utilized Tim’s skills and expertise.   You can also contact Tim directly at or contact him on +44 (0)7801 746 701 to discuss your companies individual needs.

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