About Tim

I have had the pleasure of hearing Tim, or speaking alongside him, many times in the last 3 years. He knows how to engage and motivate an audience, has genuine empathy and takes the time to draw appropriate lessons for any type of audience from his experience as an athlete and leader of the Paralympic movement. He has a very authentic style and is a compelling advocate for high performance and striving to reach your goals whatever the odds

Everyone needs a little help now and then.

Tim is an inspiration with plenty of practical experience to help any organisation – backed up with a bucket load of charisma that makes him a must for any company wanting to unlock the potential, or motivate and inspire a captive audience.

You just need to look at his track record to know what he’s talking about.  He’s won gold medals, transformed the British Disabled Swim team to the most successful of all time, and was chair of the British Paralympic Association in the greatly successful London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games, a position he still holds.  He might have a disability, but he’s made up for it and more with everything he’s achieved.  It’s this ability to lead, despite adversity, challenge and constant change that makes Tim and everything he’s achieved so unique.

And yes – he’s blind.  Tim believes in using his abilities to make the most of what he has.  It drives him.  It’s become what he’s about.  We’ve all heard stories of how from a tragic, something quite inspirational and spectacular can happen.  Tim’s life story from going blind to achieving what he has is living proof of such a story.

Tim’s journey from an International athlete to senior management involving, managing multimillion £ budgets, problem solving, strategic planning, mentoring, staff development, and public/keynote speaking has enabled him to work with some truly inspirational companies and businesses.  Tim’s story is an inspirational one, his attitude and outlook infectious.  He is a great asset to anyone and any organisation looking to get that spark to light in its people, culture and the way it works.

An example of one of Tim’s keynotes can be viewed by clicking the following link:


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