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Tim is an inspiration with plenty of practical experience to help any organisation - backed up with a bucket load of charisma that makes him a must for any company wanting to unlock the potential, or motivate and inspire a captive audience. Whether at a one off event, on a short term project or by working with individuals and small teams. Tim can make a real difference to you and your organisation.

Achieve Excellence

Tim's keynote speech "Achieving Excellence" takes his audience through his life and its ups and downs whilst his tailored approach ensures that emphasis is placed on individual businesses and organisations needs in order to inspire people of all levels to maximise their potential and achieve greater success.


I have had the pleasure of hearing Tim, or speaking alongside him, many times in the last 3 years. He knows how to engage and motivate an audience, has genuine empathy and takes the time to draw appropriate lessons for any type of audience from his experience as an athlete and leader of the Paralympic movement. He has a very authentic style and is a compelling advocate for high performance and striving to reach your goals whatever the odds
Keynote speaking is just one of the many things that Tim excels in. Whether it’s team building, people mentoring and development or good governance, project management, problem solving, mediation and strategic thinking. Tim can help you achieve your companies goals and aspirations tailored to you.

Whats happening

As a keynote speaker delivering excellent inspirational speeches through out the UK as well as chairing the British Paralympic Association, Tims a busy man and you can keep right up to date here and follow us here on the official TimReddish.com website blog.
Get all the latest up to date news as it happens right here on the TimReddish blog. We post up to date information on speeches and events that Tim's involved in.
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"Vision isn't just about sight, Its about having the ability to see beyond the here and now"
Tim Reddish - CBE